Income From Recruiting

Sales territory with ProfitPlus Accounts

The primary role of a territory developer is to recruit accounting firms, bookkeeping firms, business coaches, and business consultants into the ProfitPlus certification program. You get a healthy sales fee for every person in your state who joins the certification program.

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Income From Upgrading

Income from upgrades with ProfitPlus Accounts

ProfitPlus certified advisor in your state will upgrade their level of certification, you receive a percentage of the fees as sales revenue. There are 6 levels of certified business advisor with ProfitPlus: 1. Foundations, 2. Practitioner, 3. Intermediate, 4. Expert and 5. Master.

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Passive Income From Site

Make passive income with ProfitPlus Accounts

As the Territory Developer, you receive a percentage of this ongoing fee from each certified advisor within your state. Even though most of the support an advisor gets is from the platform, we pay a percentage of this ongoing fee to you for supporting your network.

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Growing A Valuable Asset

Build an asset with ProfitPlus Accounts

As the Territory Developer, you are generating ongoing fees which cash flows your Territory Developer business, cash flows your lifestyle and grows your territory. However, this business builds a lucrative back end from the eventual sale of your Territory Developer business.

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Accounting Firms Need Your Help

Accountants (the main target market of the ProfitPlus Certification program) are considered the most important professional services provider by all SMEs, irrespective of location and annual revenue. It’s little wonder, then, that most SMEs turn to accounting firms more than to any other professional services firm. (Larger businesses with a turnover of $20 million-plus are the exception here: they’re more likely to use a lawyer.)

According to a major survey conducted by a major bank, most SME’s rate their accountant on a level of importance to their business as 7.8 out of 10. Business consultants are rated as 5.5 out of 10 when it comes to importance. The survey also asked the SMEs what additional services would they most value/like to receive compared to what the accounting firms were providing… the response was:

Service SME’s Accountants
Business strategy 21% 9%
Business analytics 17% 10%
Business planning 12% 5%
Budgeting/forecasting 10% 4%

One in five SMEs would like to receive additional help with their business strategy on top of the services they receive already. SMEs favor business planning, business analytics, and budgeting/ forecasting as additional services over the standard service provided by their accounting firm like bookkeeping at 5%, tax return preparation at only 6%, and tax planning at only 7%.

The reason that 31% of the SME’s switched their firm was that the business needs of the SME changed and the perception was that the firm did not provide what was needed. Also, 21% changed accounting firms as they believed the expertise was lacking. 54% a result of changing needs and a lack of expertise.

accounting firms is that the accouAccountants have stated,

“We want to be a trusted adviser, not just the people who fill out the tax forms.”

The opportunity for a Territory Developer with ProfitPlus Account is to support the account profession on how to become the trusted advisor.