Marian Hackett a ProfitPlus Accounts certified advisorWelcome Marian as a Certified Advisor… Marian Hackett

Are you looking for clear direction and powerful strategies to further grow your business? Are you looking for an exit plan or do you simply want to unlock the potential in your business?

I am an experienced business planning and growth specialist, skilled in:

• Business Planning,
• Business Growth,
• Business Coaching,
• Executive Coaching
• The Psychology of Sales and Team Development
• DISC Profiling
• The use of CBT in Business.

Our ProiftPLUS business growth programmes have been helping businesses of all shape and sizes all around the world for many years, and are proven in facilitating business growth. Let me work with you and/or your team to clearly define your longer-term objectives, model your business and develop a live plan to deliver the growth in your business.

As Jim Rohn said – “If you don’t like where you are, move. You’re not a tree”.
Best wishes

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