Services For A Large Company

Shinning a light on performance

We typically segment larger businesses into those who have exceeded 10 million in annual revenue and have an ongoing focus to expand their business geographically.

Sustainable growth has us combining planning, financial management through monthly, quarterly, and yearly one-on-one management meetings.

For Large Business

Services For A Small Company

ProfitPlus Accounts working with business owners

Our focus is growing a micro business to 1 million, small business to 2.5 million, emerging business to 5 million and a growth business to 10 million in yearly revenue.

We always focus on your financial success; however, there will be different methods deployed depending on the size of your company and focus needed.

For Small Business

Accounting Firm Certification

ProfitPlus Accounts working with Accounting Firms

Certification is offered to accounting firms to support you on growing business advisory services to existing and new clients. The certification focuses on three areas (1) Marketing, (2) Pricing, and (3) Using the ProfitPlus service.

You gain access to more than 30 years of effectively running advisory services.

Become Certified

Business Advisor Certification

Sales territory with ProfitPlus Accounts

We offer you the ability to grow a state-based territory. Help Accounting Firms, Coaches, and Bookkeepers become certified. Earn income from recruitment, support to upskill certifications, monthly fees from the platform.

Being a territory developer gives you an income from recruiting firms into certification, support fees, and site renewals.

Own A Territory

Why ProfitPlus Accounts

ProfitPlus Accounts Company Growth Focus
The small business sector from a start-up business to business generating less than 15 Million in annual revenue does not get adequate, ongoing advice when it comes to the right help, at the right level of investment, using the right financial tools.
Only 4% of businesses make it to one million in annual revenue, and only .04% make it beyond 10 million in yearly revenue. Even though accounting firms have access to a company’s financials, most have neglected to effectively work with their clients toward revenue growth, profit growth, cash flow stability, and business value growth. Companies have a healthier survival rate and more significant entrepreneurial opportunities when the company grows into multiple millions of revenues.
More accounting firms need to take up the role of being a trusted advisor, where they combine robust financial assessment, financial modelling, financial monitoring of actual to budgets tools with ongoing business advice. Unfortunately, this is sorely lacking with both accounting firms and business coaching firms.
ProfitPlus combines financial assessment, financial modelling, ongoing financial monitoring with fortnightly, monthly and quarterly advisory session so the entrepreneur can effectively grow their company in a predictive manner.
To effect a positive change in our industry, we offer accounting firms, business coaching firms and business advisory firms access to our methodologies, proprietary tools, and other industry tools through a certification program.
Business Assessments by ProfitPlus Accounts

Business Assessments

When focused on improving your company’s performance, it’s essential to complete a business assessment as a first step to make sure the improvement direction impacts the right areas. Depending on the outcomes desired, assessments fall into three categories (1) financial assessments which pinpoint improvements in revenue shifts, gross profit, net profit, changes in equity, working capital, company value, (2) overall company situation as a broad-brushed approach to improvement, (3) revenue growth assessments.
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Business Workshops with ProfitPlus Accounts

Strategic Planning Workshops

Intent on creating a laser-focused direction, your company takes over the next 12 months to 5 years. You are building your company’s visions, mission, purpose, brand promise, and your unique selling proposition and predicting the financial future of your business through 5-year projections of revenue, profit, cash at bank, and business value. Assessing competitors, target market, industry size, and opportunities are just some of the areas covered in the strategic planning workshops.
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Business Planning through ProfitPlus Accounts

Business Planning Services

We are focused on creating business plans for gaining investor funds, loans from financial institutions, a companion document to a prospectus or information memorandum, or to build a strong direction for your business. Business planning services is where we make the plan with you and your team, and work with you to gain the outcomes of your business plan. Where cash flow is limited, we can undertake a hybrid situation of supporting you to build a plan for your company, and we take a supportive role.
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Business Consulting And Mentoring by ProfitPlus Accounts

Consulting And Mentoring

To gain long term benefits, and to ensure strategies are being implemented we work with you fortnightly, monthly to assess alignment with KPI’s, quarterly to reset KPI’s to annual goals, and annually to revisit your business plan and make any updates to your business model. To update your business plan and KPI’s, we typically facilitate a one-day, or two-day planning retreat. To best support your company, we can also complete any one-off projects in the area of business improvement, financial improvement or business modeling.
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Virtual CFO Services With ProfitPlus Accounts

Virtual CFO Services

Setting annual budgets, alignment of monthly budgets to yearly budgets, tracking of budgets to actuals, monthly management reporting, quarterly financial assessments, and yearly financial situation assessment forms an integral part of the virtual CFO services you access. The primary aim of the virtual CFO services is to grow your revenue, gross profits, net profits, cash flow, and business value sustainably. We become your virtual CFO and form part of your management team. We significantly improve the financial performance of your company.
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Transform Your Accounting Practice

From setting firm business advisory revenue and profit targets, structuring of clients services to match skill set, and training on our products and services are designed to enable accounting firms like yours to make the complete journey from service provider to trusted business advisor.
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