Build a community of 50 million businesses who are dedicated to growing their companies while helping others.

Our Mission

To help business owners have a capable, profitable and fulfilling business, which supports them, their families, their team and their community.

We work within our “Points of Culture” to make sure that everyone who touches, or is touched by ProfitPlus Accounts benefits and has an increased ability to positively impact who they are as leaders, their communities and their families while improving their quality of life.

Our products and services will provide Business Owners, CEOs, and General Managers with invaluable resources to accelerate their business’s ability to fulfil their respective vision, mission and goals.

Our Purpose

The purpose of ProfitPlus Accounts is to build financially successful businesses for our clients, through improvements to profitability, equity value, and cash flow growth.

Our Promise

Fanatical focus on + profit growth, + equity growth, + cash flow growth to the fulfilment of our client’s vision and mission.


Working with our clients to improve their current business model: what you sell, how much you sell it for and what that outputs to profitability, equity growth, cash at bank. Form a solid foundation of understanding, we improve the states quo to create a higher performing business model … “a higher performing business”.